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Cockatiels make excellent companion parrots second only to the Budgerigar. Also known as the Quarrion and the Weiro they are native to the outback regions of inland Australia and favour the Australian wetlands, scrublands, and bush lands.  These days they come in many different colours apart from their natural wild colour which is grey with a yellow head and orange cheek patches. Males are definitely the best talkers and whistlers but female Cockatiels tame down just as well and make delightful, loyal, affectionate companion pets. Whatever sex you choose, you cannot go wrong with a hand raised friendly Cockatiel. All of our Cockatiel babies are spoon fed from 2-3 weeks of age using Vetafarm Neo-care hand raising formula then weaned onto a good quality seed mix, Vetafarm pellets, fresh fruit and vegetables. The Average life span for a Cockatiel in captivity is between 15-20 years.

Kakariki (means little parrot)

Kakarikis are native to New Zealand and make excellent hand raised pets. They are extremely inquisitive active little parrots and will happily explore everything within their reach. They love to climb upside down and perform acrobatics in their cage keeping you amused for hours. These sweet little birds make lovely cheerful sounds and are not loud making them ideal pets for apartment living or indoor aviaries. They are not fussy eaters and will give almost anything a try. Gentle by nature, they can be housed with other non aggressive birds. The Adult male (28 cm in length) is larger than the female and can learn to talk quite clearly. Here at GC Aviaries we breed Yellow crowned and red fronted Kakarikis in normal green, cinnamon, pied and lutino BEC (yellow). Our hand raised babies are spoon fed from 2-3 weeks of age then weaned onto a good quality seed mix, Vetafarm pellets, fresh fruit and vegetables. They can live up to 15 years.

Lutino Scaly Breasted Lorikeets

These active little Lorikeets are so comical and playful that they amuse me every day with their antics. Greens are found mostly in Eastern Australia and often seen flying alongside Rainbow Lorikeets. Here at GC Aviaries we breed the very beautiful Lutino Scaly which make wonderful, fun loving, playful hand tamed pets. All baby Scalys are spoon fed from 2 weeks of age using a special wet mix formula which they love then weaned onto Vetafarm Nectar Pellets (stops the squirts) along with fresh fruit and vegetables given daily. Scaly Lorikeet’s can live 15 or more years.

Green Cheeked Conures - Pyrrhura Molinae

The Green Cheeked Conure is a small parrot which originates from Brazil in South America. They are very popular companion parrots, are very playful, affectionate and intelligent. They love to be held (although some like it more than others) and can learn tricks such as lying on their backs or playing dead on command. They are not loud which makes them ideal pets for apartment living or indoor aviaries. They come in many different colours from normal green, cinnamon, yellow sided, pineapple and now blue and turquoise combinations. Here at GC Aviaries we have been concentrating on selectively breeding birds that produce the fully red fronted yellow sided and pineapple Green Cheeked Conures which are absolutely beautiful in colour.  We feed all of our Conures a small amount of seed, Vetafarm pellets, fresh fruit and vegetables daily. They can live up to 30 years.

Blue Throated Conures - Pyrrhura Cruentata

One of my favourites, these beautiful conures originate from the Atlantic rainforest in Eastern Brazil. The full blue throat colour intensifies in their 2nd year or when they reach maturity. Although not as commonly known as their cousin the Green Cheeked Conure and larger in size, these adorable parrots are very similar in personality enjoying human contact. They are smart, quiet and inquisitive birds and make wonderful hand reared companions. They can live up to 30 years.

Quaker Parrots (Monk Parakeet)

The Quaker parrot is native to South America. These medium sized parrots (about 29 cm in length) are highly intelligent, confident, social birds. Hand raised Quakers make fantastic pets and also wonderful gentle pets for younger bird owners. Both sexes are excellent talkers and mimics and are able to learn lots of words and phrases. Here at GC Aviaries we breed both the green and blue coloured Quakers and hand feed the babies from 2-3 weeks of age. They are then weaned onto pellets, seed, fresh fruit and vegetables. Quakers can live up to 20 years.


We currently breed the very beautiful Scarlet Chested Parrot and Bourke Parrot (although no longer classed as a Neophema but a Neopsephotus bourkii). These gorgeous little birds are all about the size of a Budgie with pleasant sounding voices and few vices. They are all popular aviary birds because of their beauty and peaceful temperament and can be housed with larger birds or in mixed aviaries. They all come in many different mutations. Here are GC Aviaries we breed Scarlets, Rosa and Pink Bourkes.

Peach Faced Lovebirds

Originating from Africa, these lovely little birds were so named because of the way they snuggle together on a branch or perch often preening each other. They love chewing on natural perches which I change often. Here at GC Aviaries we breed the very beautiful Lutino Opaline Peach faced Love bird (pictured) as well as Opaline green, Normal pied, lutino, creamino and a few other colours. All of our Peachy babies are hand raised from 2 weeks of age. They make a wonderful beginners bird and excellent hand raised pets. They can even be taught to say a few words. The Love bird life span is between 10-15 years.


Budgies would have to be the most popular pet bird in Australia. Their charm and intelligence appeals to both young and old and they make an excellent beginner’s bird. They are lively, intelligent, cheerful and playful. If trained from a young age, Budgies are often able to imitate human speech, mimic common sounds like the telephone and even do tricks. Here at GC Aviaries we are one of the very few bird breeders who hand raise baby Budgies. We start spoon feeding our babies from as young as 2 weeks of age. Our Budgie babies are then weaned onto a mix of Budgie seed and Vetafarm Budgie crumbles. Males tend to be the best talkers and mimics but females tame down just as well and all make wonderful additions to any family. Budgies can live up to 15 years.

Plum Headed Parrots

The Plum headed parrot is an absolutely stunning looking bird originating from India. The male Plum Head develops his gorgeous deep plum colouring and neck ring once he reaches maturity at about 2 years of age. The female, also very pretty has a greyer coloured head and lime green body and is normally a bit smaller in size. The average size of the Plum Head is about 32 cm long with most of this being made up from their very long tails which are 15-17 cm long. Although part of the Asiatic subspecies of parrots they are much quieter than their cousins the Indian Ringnecks. Plum Headed Parrots make wonderful pets when hand tamed. Both sexes are great talkers and love to interact with their human friends. I have a hen who was originally hand raised who looks for me each morning, jumps onto my shoulder to see what treats I have for her and says “What are ya doin? huh huh” she is very affectionate and has remained friendly towards me even though she is an outside aviary bird now. Plum Headed Parrots can live for 15 or more years.

Princess Parrots

The Princess Parrot is a native Australian parrot that lives in desert woodlands where desert oaks, eucalypts and acacias are common and where there are large river red gums and salt lakes. It is a long slender bird and has a pale olive green back with yellow wings, pale blue on the top of the head with a pink neck and throat. It is a medium sized bird of 35-45cm (including tail) Males tend to have a longer tail and are more brightly coloured. Other common names used for this bird are the Princess of Wales Parakeet, Princess Alexandra Parrot and the Rose-throated Parrot. Princess Parrots are fairly quiet, naturally curious gentle birds. Even our aviary Princess Parrots will come right up to you and take food out of your hand. They are good whistlers and talkers. Princess Parrots come in a few different colours such as normal green, blue, lutino (blue and lutino pictured) lime and white to name a few. These gorgeous birds are hardy, very colourful birds and make wonderful trusting companion pets when hand reared. Here at GC Aviaries we hand raise our baby Princess Parrots from 2-3 weeks of age. Their life span is between 20-30 years.

Lineolated Parakeet (Linnie)

The Lineolated Parakeet or Barred Parakeet is a small parrot (15-16cm long) with a short tail and gorgeous large black eyes. They are found in Mexico, Colombia and Western Panama. They have a parrot-like personality in a small compact little body. Linnies (as most people call them) are hardy birds and although not well known in Australia as yet, this charming little parakeet is very popular overseas as hand raised companion pets. Linnies are not overly active and don’t require a big aviary or flight cage. These beautiful little parrots are not big flyers, they prefer climbing to their bowls or running across the cage bottom. Even when chased with a net, they like to just "drop off" the perch and cling to the wire. When perched or resting, Linnies adopt a funny posture where they either sit in a horizontal position or rest with their tails pointing up and their heads leaning down. They love to spend time on the floor of the cage playing with small toys. They are very inquisitive and can use their foot to pick up food or toys just like the big parrots do. Linnies come in many different colours (Normal Green, blue, turquoise, cobalt, slate, lutino, albino, cinnamon and creamino) They are not destructive, have a quiet voice, and make wonderful hand raised pets for people of all ages. They are great mimics, very good talkers and can live up to 15 years. Adorable little pets!